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    Jan 27, 2024
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Performance Taping For Health Care Professionals

Functional Assessment

The goal of this portion of the course will be to educate participants in how to determine where to effectively apply Synergy Performance Tape for maximizing motor control driven by functional assessment tools.

Synergy Performance Taping

The participants will learn functional assessments that help identify abnormal muscle firing patterns and learn a unique Kinesiology Taping system to improve these faulty patterns. There will be applications for common musculoskeletal injuries as well as Dr. Scappaticci’s Fascial Dispersion Taping Technique designed to reduce abnormal fascial tension in a functional way.

Course Objectives

  • Able to describe what the current research says about the role of fascia in human movement (Knowledge)
  • Defines what normal limits are for Joint Range of Motion and soft tissue extensibility (Knowledge)
  • Recognizes what soft tissue dysfunction is (Understanding)
  • Able to tell what joint dysfunction is (Remembering)
  • Able to name the 7 common movement screens (Remembering)
  • Able to Explain the theory behind how Synergy Performance Tape affects the body (Understanding)
  • Able to restate contraindications for taping (Knowledge)
  • Able to list procedures for applying Synergy Performance Tape to an area (Remembering)
  • Able to grade movement screens to identify areas of dysfunction (Evaluate)
  • Able to develop a plan for correcting tissue/joint dysfunction using synergy performance tape (Creating)
  • After reassessment, able to rewrite taping plan to reinforce or correct new dysfunctional patterns that may emerge (Creating)
  • Able to choose proper exercises for reinforcing acquired movement patterns (Creating)

Performance Taping

Continuing Education Credits*


PACE Recognized Provider (Providers of Approved Continuing Education)
The FIT Institute is recognized by the PACE program of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board.

Athletic Trainers

This course has been approved by The Board of Certification for The Athletic Trainer (BOC). The program has been approved for Category A CEU’s for Athletic Trainers.
8 CEU’s available for Athletic Trainers.

*Please note it is your responsibility to check with your licensing board to make sure you can use the techniques presented in this seminar.

License Renewal: While applications relating to credit hours for license renewal in selected states have been executed for these programs, it remains the attendees’ responsibility to contact the state board(s) from which they seek continuing education credits for purposes of ensuring said board(s) approve both venue and content as they relate to any seminar/course/lecture/webinar /online presentation (event).

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