Functional Integrated Acupuncture

Functional Integrated Acupuncture

Developed over 20+ years

A Functional Integrated Approach takes the best of various dry needling modalities and combines them with key lessons and findings derived from Dr. Scappaticci’s 20+ years of clinical experience in the management and treatment of chronic pain and sports injuries.

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This course is designed for participants to learn Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and how to safety and confidently apply acupuncture and needling therapy to their practice.

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Our Approach is Based on Helping Participants

  1. Develop an in-depth understanding of the interplay that soft tissue, joint biomechanics and nervous system function have with propagating pain;
  2. Develop comfort and proficiency in the use of assessment tools and the application of the most advanced dry needling system to safely and effectively manage pain and dysfunction;
  3. Be able to immediately apply these techniques to make dramatic improvements in the management of patients with MSK pain conditions and sports injuries.