Main Benefits

trainingOur mission is to train health care professionals to improve the management of painful MSK conditions and sports injuries through practical and applied training programs.

Our programs help participants understand and develop the skills required to identify and address the real causes of their patient/clients’ problems.

Top Reasons

Emphasis On Patient Comfort And Safety

You will learn how to apply techniques that are the most comfortable for patients and will receive thorough instruction regarding patient safety.

Effective And Optimized Learning Leading To True Mastery

The training features an education approach based on instruction and explanations that are understandable and easy to remember and extensive practice to ensure mastery. The program is not a “listen and forget” program but instead, results in “remember and be able to do” as your take away.

Emphasis On Developing Deep Understanding And Working Knowledge

Foundational concepts are established that lead to an improved ability to understand underlying causes, biomechanics and neurological mechanisms. This program emphasizes understanding and analysis rather than memorized and rote clinical pathways.

Immediate Application And Patient Benefits

You will be able to use techniques right away and immediately improve treatment effectiveness, and patient/client outcomes. Participants can immediately integrate these techniques into any setting.

Participants Get To Learn And Work With Instructors With Deep Clinical And Teaching Experience

Dr. Scappaticci, the lead instructor and program designer, with over 20 years of clinical and teaching experience, has assembled a highly experienced assistant instructional team to guide participants during extensive hands-on practical lab sessions.

Techniques That Ensure Optimized Results

Modality effectiveness is optimized when the true causative factors are addressed. Our techniques and teaching approach emphasize ways that help participants find, feel, and expertly and consistently identify these underlying causes.