Myo-Matrix Release 3-D

Myo-Matrix Release 3-D

What is MMR-3D and it benefits

The MMR 3D program is an advanced system of diagnosis, assessment and treatment of soft tissue pain and dysfunction developed by Swedish manual therapist Peter Lundgren with the help of Sports Chiropractor Mark Scappaticci. The MMR 3D program is built on a 3-dimensional picture of the body and its movement and incorporates the principle of the body and all its soft tissue structures as a functionally interconnected system. This training program will help clinicians dramatically advance their understanding and their assessment and treatment skills for patients with painful acute and chronic MSK conditions.

Myo-Matrix release technique (MMR-3D) is a new paradigm in assessment and treatment based on understanding normal soft tissue movement that allows you to resolve tissue tension lines that impair optimal movement and can cause pain. MMR includes specific steps/protocols that allow practitioners to identify and treat the linked anatomical structures that cause movement dysfunction.

The myo–matrix model describes the biomechanically interconnectedness of soft tissue structures such as muscle, fascia, connective, nervous and vascular tissues. Abnormal tissue tension can develop in these interconnected tissues, which rarely follow the orientation of muscle fibres but instead, present in a 3-dimensional manner throughout the myo-matrix.

Clinical symptoms can be the result of abnormal forces through these tension lines and can be easily alleviated by MMR-3D treatments. More importantly is that the MMR system helps you to identify the tissues that are the root cause of the clinical condition and MMR-3D treatment of these tension lines can prevent the clinical symptoms from returning.

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