Are Your Hamstrings Weak or Tight?

ByTom Feeney DC, ART

Tight Hamstrings

There are a few different reasons why a hamstring can feel tight. Sometimes your hamstrings don’t stretch because your brain senses instability and it “tightens ” your hamstrings. This is easy to test for and fix. Researchers have found some new approaches which are quite effective for helping weak, tight, and/or sore hamstrings. Read more

A Movement-Based Chiropractic Approach for CrossFit Athletes

By Trevor Vander Doelen, BSC(Hon), DC,

Dr. Trevor Vander Doelen was recently interviewed by a CrossFit athlete about his approach to care for CrossFit athletes, injury prevention, and improving performance.

To what do you attribute your success in treating CrossFit athletes and getting them back to their sport both pain free and performing at a higher level?

CrossFit is an incredible sport that combines strength, stamina, and skill and every athlete has their own particular strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, all CrossFit athletes need an individualized approach to their care when they are injured.  Every athlete is at a different level of movement quality, strength, and body awareness and as such needs to be treated differently.

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The Road to Sochi

By Christopher Klachan, DC, BSc, CSCS,

It was early October and I was on my way to the airport, looking forward to 7 days of sun and surfing in Brazil. As per the usual arrangement, I presented my passport at the Air Canada desk, only to hear, we don’t have a ticket for you Mr. Klachan. As it turns out, the travel agent made the ticket for Christopher David, not Christopher David Klachan, which in the eyes of Air Canada is a different person. After an hour of trying to keep my calm while ‘politely discussing’ with the Air Canada staff, I realized I wasn’t going anywhere. It would have been useful to know at the time, that this would ultimately take me to the Winter Olympics in Sochi to work with a number of the US bobsled and skeleton team.

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