chiro_pics1What is Chiropractic Manipulation and the Potential Benefits?

Chiropractic joint manipulation ensures that joints move freely and can function properly by slightly opening the joint being treated, thereby normalizing motion-sensitive nerves, blocking pain and reducing muscle spasms. Joint manipulation can be a key therapeutic aid to achieving proper joint function and pain management.

What is involved?

During a manipulation, the patient is positioned in a way that isolates the involved joint and a gentle thrust is applied. This moves or separates the joint surfaces, restoring full motion of the joint and decreasing associated muscle tension.

How does it work and why is it effective?

Chiropractic joint manipulation is effective because it aims to restore normal and healthy joint function. In order to function properly, joints must move freely, and, usually, they do. Under unrestricted conditions, the nerves in and around the joints sense motion and relay important information to the spinal cord and brain. However, if motion is altered or reduced, nerves can relay inaccurate or insufficient information about a joint’s motion. When this happens, as is often the case in sudden injury or overuse, pain occurs. As the pain increases, the nerves create a guarding reflex that causes the surrounding muscles to tighten and spasm. Chiropractic manipulation normalizes joint movement so that correct nerve information is relayed to the spinal cord and brain.