REVOLUTIONARY soft tissue treatment tools with a patented textured surface that allows for quick and effective tension release.

The FAT-Tool The FAT-Tool Trainer The FAT-Tool Trainer
FAT Tool

FAT-Tool Trainers Model

Ideal for Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches. This all-in-one tool features a comfortable handle with multiple edges to effectively loosen areas of general tightness in large and small muscle groups. This FAT-Tool model features a patented textured surface for maximum effectiveness. Use this tool to help your clients improve their mobility and recovery.

FAT Tool

FAT-Stick Personal Use Model

The FAT-Stick, when used properly can be effective at loosening areas of tightness and leave you with a feeling of increased mobility. The FAT-Stick is often used post exercise to aid in recovery. The FAT-Stick features a patented textured surface for maximum effectiveness.