fat-tool-01FAT-Tool Pro Large

The Fascial Abrasion Technique (FAT) Tool is specially designed for health care providers. Our patented textured finish helps to decrease tissue sensitivity while allowing for a better grip of the surface tissue.
One Tool with a handle and 21 treatment surfaces.

Unlike most tools, it leaves no bruising and virtually no skin irritation.

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Fat-Tool Personal Trainer ModelFAT-Tool Pro Mini

Ideal as an extra tool for your set, for clinics with multiple rooms or the provider on the go, this tool features the same unique textured surface as all of our FAT-Tools and has 5 different treatment edges.


fat-tool-miniFAT-Tool Trainer

Ideal for Athletic and Registered Massage Therapists this FAT-Tool features the same patented textured surface as the Professional FAT-Tool but has less technical edges. It is designed to loosen areas of general tightness in large and small muscle groups and is often bought in combination with the Professional Mini Model.

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