Dr. Melissa Givelos

Dr. Melissa Givelos



  • Chiropractor
  • Chiropractor Active Release Techniques® Provider
  • Acupuncture McMaster University


Dr. Givelos completed her Bachelor of Science degree with Honours at the University of Toronto, specializing in Human Biology, and graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College with Honours in 2010. As a Functional Integrative Therapy provider, she combines the various skills attained through her education and experience. As a chiropractor, A.R.T. and medical acupuncture provider, Dr. Givelos has treated various athletes at a varsity and a professional level. She uses the F.I.T. approach with the goal of increasing function and reducing pain of her patients, who may need help with their sport or general activities of daily living. She is currently training as an instructor at the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture course at McMaster university. Dr. Givelos has worked and trained with the F.I.T. providers at Athlete’s Care for the last 7 years, throughout her undergraduate and chiropractic education.


“Melissa Givelos has been a terrific resource for me. I began seeing her and within a few weeks had greater mobility and flexibility in my sprained ankle. Getting me back to my workout routine. She is very professional and a pleasure to work with.” – Carolyn Lipton