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Are Your Hamstrings Weak or Tight?

By Tom Feeney DC, ART There are a few different reasons why a hamstring can feel tight. Sometimes your hamstrings don’t stretch because your brain senses instability and it “tightens ” your hamstrings. This is easy to test for and fix. … Read more

How to Come Back Stronger After ACL Surgery

Dr. Trevor Vander Doelen Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are quite common and affect approximately 250 000 people per year.  Athletes playing sports involving jumping, pivoting, and hard cutting such as basketball, soccer, and football are at the highest risk.

FICS interviews Dr. Mark Scappaticci

Recently the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic interviewed Dr Mark Scappaticci, the FIT INSTITUTE founder about his career as a leading sports chiropractor. Dr Scap talks about his specialized approach to treating high profile athletes and active individuals in the … Read more

The Road to Sochi

By Christopher Klachan, DC, BSc, CSCS, It was early October and I was on my way to the airport, looking forward to 7 days of sun and surfing in Brazil. As per the usual arrangement, I presented my passport at the … Read more