Synergy Performance Taping for Health Care Professionals- Zagreb, Croatia – April 22, 2018

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Extra savings when registering for Combo Training, which includes the
Facial Abrasion Techniques and Synergy Performance Taping!

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Extra Savings with Combo Training of Fascial Abrasion Techniques &
Synergy Performance Taping Techniques!!

Additional Savings with Early Registration of Combo Training!!!

Course Overview

The goal of this portion of the course will be to educate participants in how to determine where to effectively apply Synergy Performance Tape for maximizing motor control driven by functional assessment tools.  View  Course Brochure for additional information



Sports & Rehab Centre, “Motus Melior”
Hektoroviceva 2
10000 Zagreb, Croatia


Sunday, April 22, 2018


What SPT Course Brochure-2015.pdfis Synergy Performance Taping and what are the potential benefits?

Untitled-1The latest brand of kinesiology tapes designed with a specially formulated adhesive for more aggressive support.

These courses help participants learn how to effectively use the Synergy Performance Taping methods for maximizing motor control, support injured areas, and to help identify and correct abnormal muscle firing patterns.



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