Fascial Abrasion Techniques for Health Care Providers – Laren, Netherlands – April 13, 2018

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Course Overview

Healthcare providers will learn techniques using the FAT-Tool to release areas of tissue tension and improve range of motion and quality of movement for their patients. Participants will learn about the role of fascia, the theory and principles of fascial mobilization, how to assess areas of fascial restriction and how to use the FAT tool to achieve release of fascial tension. View the course brochure for more information.


Human Motion Laren
Klaaskampen 19C
1251 KN Laren
The Netherlands



What is Fascial Abrasion Technique™ and what are the potential benefits?



Fascial Abrasion Technique involves releasing movement-restricted fascial tension in underlying soft tissue.

This technique specifically targets and loosens the fascia that surrounds and interconnects muscle tissue that when tight, can restrict range of motion and impair quality of movement. Performance tissue mobilization uses a specialized, patented tool called the Fascial Abrasion Technique Tool or FAT-Tool.